Welcome to R&S Automated Medical Services!

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Top Ten Reasons to choose R&S Automated Medical Services:

1. Increased revenue
2. Consistent cash flow
3. Faster reimbursement
4. Reduced Overhead
5. Reduced Paperwork
6. Timely and accurate follow up
7. Accurate financial and patient data
8. Proven success-We've been in business since 1995
9. Dedicated team of elite staff
10. Certified HIPPA compliant

At R&S Automated Medical Services, our job is to make yours easier. R&S will  carefully design a custom-billing program to cater to your medical practice’s unique needs. By allowing R&S to handle your claims processing, you will get more of the money you earned and sooner! R&S  examines each of your client’s  insurance claims to ensure that they are handled in a timely fashion.  Our thorough process results in more revenue for you, and since R&S is a commission-based company, we don’t get paid unless you do!

R&S Automated Medical Services has been working in the healthcare industry with great success since 1995 with one goal:   to make billing management easier for our clients. Through the use of our state of the art software and the scheduling feature available, we can bill directly from your daily list of patients seen.   The thorough process that R&S uses has resulted in  positive results thus far, and since the service is almost entirely conducted online, we are now able to offer our services to clients nationwide! If you are struggling to get the money you deserve from your medical  providers in a timely manner, then contact R&S Automated Medical Services today and we will take it from there!